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As Germany’s Weimar Republic is plunged into an economic and political crisis, civilian unrest increases and the seeds for the Nazi party and Hitler’s rise to power are sown.

Otto Frank meets Edith Holländer, and they marry in the synagogue in Aachen.

Registration of the Jews is the first step taken in isolating them.

As a Jew, Otto is no longer allowed to own a business, so he appoints Jo Kleiman as director.

As the political situation in Germany worsens the Nazi party gains more support.

Hitler’s plans for Germany and ideas about race are published in Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Otto and Edith Frank are convinced that they will be safe in Amsterdam from the antisemitism in Nazi Germany.

May 1940, Germany invades The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The secret annex is crumbling and deserted but the Anne Frank House is founded to save it from demolition.

The film "Diary of Anne Frank" by George Stevens receives a number of Oscars and makes Anne Frank internationally better known.

Allied gains give those in hiding hope of liberation.

Germany surrenders, the war ends and Europe is free but in ruins.

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    He returned to Newsradio88 in 1967 as morning anchor and reporter when the station went all-news under General Manager Joseph Dembo.