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Thanks to Tinder and OKCupid (and Hinge and Grindr and Happn and Flutter and Bumble and Raya and whatever app is about to come out tomorrow), there is a seemingly endless supply of options, and to make sense of them, we make snap decisions based on very little information. We do, and then we have to hope that the few hours we spend with a person won’t be a waste of time or the preamble to the news story about how we went missing.Should you swipe left on someone just because they list the Grateful Dead as their favorite band? The Myers-Briggs data on someone’s profile offers another, more efficient way to tighten the process.When mother-daughter team Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers started expanding Carl Jung’s personality theories to create an identity typology in 1926, they saw it as a way to help people find happiness through a better understanding of themselves and their preferences.They took Jung’s idea that four key elements in our personalities (sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking) determine how we experience the world and define everything from our interests and values to our needs and motivations.“TBH [this man and his letter sequences] I just don’t think we have a ton in common,” he texted.

I messaged with Chi Guy66, a “shy midwesterner” whose profile revealed he enjoyed rock climbing and the National and was an ISFP. According to data from OKCupid, about 5 percent of users list their Myers-Briggs type on their profile.On Tinder, Jake, 29, 2.3 miles away, let me know that he was 6’2”, free tonight, down to fuck, and an ENTJ. Within that group, the majority are men, who tend to be INTJ.For women who post their type, the most common is INFJ.Briggs’s approach was that of a hobbyist humanist; she saw their work as something like a quiz in a sophisticated teen magazine.She described it once as a “personality paintbox.” It was her daughter, Isabel, who decided the idea had a more practical application and developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator in the 1940s, with the intent to use it for career-placement purposes — a “What Color Is My Parachute? The test caught on in the late 1970s and went on to become a favorite among avid online test takers, psych 101 classes, Fortune 500 company human-resource departments — even dog owners. MBTI for pets is a thing.) And now in 2015, it’s found new life helping people efficiently determine whether they should date you.

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