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But the story soon collapsed when it turned out that the date on the email was actually Sept.14, 2016, i.e., the day Wiki Leaks released the batch of DNC emails, not Sept. It appeared that “Erickson” – whoever he was – had simply alerted the Trump campaign to the public existence of the Wiki Leaks disclosure.September 15, 2008"The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held hearings in 2008 on the DBA. C, or any other provision of law during a war or during a national emergency declared by the President or Congress." [2]Congressional hearings generally follow a script.Current DOD DBA policies have also been criticized by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Army's own auditors. Lawmakers publicly vent their outrage, administration officials offer plausible defenses, and the outcome is inconclusive.Although it has not yet been spelled out exactly what role Strzok and Page may have had in the Jan.6 report, I was told by one source that Strzok had a direct hand in writing it.

For instance, last Friday, CNN — and then CBS News and MSNBC — trumpeted an email supposedly sent from someone named Michael J. As The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald wrote in an article critical of the media’s performance, some Russia-gate enthusiasts heralded the revelation with graphics of cannons booming and nukes exploding.

Figure I needed to brush up on watergate.” As a key feature in this oust-Trump effort, Democrats have continued to lie by claiming that “all 17 U. intelligence agencies concurred” in the assessment that Russia hacked the Democratic emails last year on orders from President Vladimir Putin and then slipped them to Wiki Leaks to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

That canard was used in the early months of the Russia-gate imbroglio to silence any skepticism about the “hacking” accusation, and the falsehood was repeated again by a Democratic congressman during Wednesday’s hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. In May 2017 testimony, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper acknowledged that the Jan.

After that, Trump’s opponents turned to the Russia-gate investigation as the vehicle to create the conditions for somehow nullifying the election, impeaching Trump, or at least weakening him sufficiently so he could not take steps to improve relations with Russia.

In one of her text messages to Strzok, Page made reference to a possible Watergate-style ouster of Trump, writing: “Bought all the president’s men.

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