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Read on for our picks, and join the conversation with hashtag #bestplaces2015.For more than a decade, Marrakesh has been the Moroccan destination on everyone’s list.But developments slated for 2015 in Puerto Plata are bound to lure well-heeled sun-seekers.

But as a head start, we’ve mapped out 12 months' worth of places with the kind of "it" factor that Fez's Tara Stevens describes.

After visiting the neighboring Netherlands Photo Museum and the lipstick-red New Luxor Theater, toast a trip well-taken with a Dutch Blossom cocktail in the hotel bar.

—Far from the resort-clogged beaches of Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic’s less-frequented northern shore has remained largely under the radar.

Other notable places to stay include the medina’s Karawan Riad, whose seven renovated suites offer a modern alternative to more traditional hotels, and Palais Faraj, a 19th-century palace transformed by architect Jean-Baptiste Barian. 7 is making waves with a rotating series of acclaimed guest chefs. Tour groups like Insight Cuba, Smithsonian Journeys, and Central Holidays operate under the “people-to-people” license focused on education and cultural exchange—the one Beyoncé and Jay-Z obtained for their much-publicized anniversary trip in 2013.

It’s the brainchild of British food writer Tara Stevens and American Stephen Di Renza, part of a group of expats who are encouraging experimentation. Whether this will last—especially with the 2015 debut of an upgraded airport, set to accommodate 2.5 million passengers, five times the current volume—is anyone’s guess. Beyond visiting World Heritage Sites like Trinidad, travelers may meet jazz musicians, tour a cigar factory, see the Havana Art Biennial (which starts May 2015), and dine at a —a restaurant operated out of a family’s home.

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